Thursday May 12th, 2016
Gretchen Bennett read her essay Here is 1972.
7pm @ Holiday Forever.

A casual dinner followed.

Accompanied by re-photographed images from a family 35mm color slide collection depicting a trip through Western and Eastern Europe, Here is 1972 tracks the formation of Bennett's cultural and artistic sensibilities alongside larger historic events, looking at how the truthful recounting of personal history, and figuring in the fluid nature of memory, can change a larger understanding of historic occurrences by rendering larger histories in truthful stories.

"There is a space between us in this draining well of our collective experience and the mandatory dispersal of our individual understandings of this experience. We are lost and a man helps us find our way out of a strange town by getting into our car and sitting on our laps."

Here is 1972 was first presented at Open Forum - April 2016 at INCA (Institute for New Connotative Action) Seattle, USA, organized by This Might Not Work.